Simple Sound Retreat

New Orleans' finest folk-pop band.

Official site of Simple Sound Retreat, the New Orleans, Louisiana-based folk-pop band. Live dates and contact info.

Photos by: Andre Courville (@october_surpirse

Photos by: Andre Courville (@october_surpirse

Providing a unique approach to songwriting and arrangements, New Orleans, Louisiana group Simple Sound Retreat has been taking people on a musical journey since 2014. SSR intertwines mash-ups and original music, creating a playlist with surprising twists that will leave you delighted and entertained.
They strive to connect listeners of all ages with one common mission; to spread the power of music.




Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Jean Preston grew up in a small town in upstate NY. Her earliest memories are of her mother singing with her in the car. As her siblings begged their mother to stop, Jean implored her mother to keep going! From there, her love of singing began.

She continued to engage in band and choir all throughout grade school, Jr. High, High school, and eventually college when studying music therapy. She became a Board Certified Music Therapist in 2012 and has been practicing throughout her community as a way to give to others what music has given to her: hope, healing, and a safe place for expression.
She and Rex Marshall, started Simple Sound Retreat in 2014 with the idea of creating a space in which all can feel welcomed and entertained.


Rex marshall

Bass, Vocals

Hailing from Southern California, Rex picked up the bass at the early age of 11. He quickly began to crave playing music and decided to move to New Orleans in 2011 to pursue it. He dove into the scene and hasn't looked back.

Since then, he has studied with highly accomplished musicians, toured Europe, refurbished forgotten basses, and honed his song writing and arranging abilities.  Rex continues to find ways to challenge not only himself musically, but his band mates as well. He strives to keep his listeners engaged and excited.


Jon caplan

Guitar, Vocals

Originally from Maryland, Jon cut his teeth in a couple bands of his own and played in the band for 3 productions by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.  In addition, Jon has been a composer of classical guitar pieces as well as a performer at weddings, corporate and private events. 

Living in New Orleans since 2015, he met and joined SSR in spring of that year for a short stint and then later rejoined the group in March of 2017. 

His influences include "literally everything he's ever heard", including non-musical sounds like nature sounds and city sounds, everything he ever illegally downloaded on Napster, ponderous amounts of boredom and just trying to stretch his fingers in the most difficult ways he could conceive. He can also be seen around town playing with Shark Attack! and Old Nobodaddy. 

chris headshot.jpeg

Chris hayes

Drums, Percussion

Chris grew up in a small New England town. At the age of six, his parents made the mistake of giving him his first drum set, beginning a lifelong love affair with percussion. At age nine, he began playing with the local drum corps. In high school he was selected two years in a row for All-State Concert Band. He then went on to study drums at the Berklee College of Music, graduating with a BA in performance. 

Since moving to New Orleans, Chris has been touring with Florida based skacore group Chilled Monkey Brains and has been playing locally with acclaimed Blues artist Mason Ruffner. He joined Simple Sound Retreat in 2018 and is pleased as punch to be their beat maker.